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eContact! 14.3 — Turntablism (January 2013) [Return to issue…]

Your contributions to this [wiki] page are most welcome. Please visit this page for more information and guidelines for contributing.


Turntable [wiki]: Index

As part of eContact! 14.3 — Turntablism (January 2013), this wiki area has been created for materials that will continue to expand over time and can be constantly updated.


The wiki pages are only part of the issue; check out the full table of contents here for articles and other items that are part of eContact! 14.3.


And of course we hope that the reader/user will also feel welcome to contribute to this resource so that it can continue to grow and expand and be of increasing benefit to the community.


Wiki Pages



Contributors to the Turntable [wiki]


jef chippewa (Montréal / Berlin) http://newmusicnotation.com/chippewa

Wolfgang Fuchs (Linz) http://turntabling.firstfloor.org

Mark Onderwater (Guelph ON)

Ignaz Schick (Berlin) http://zangimusic.de

Karin Weissenbrunner (Berlin) http://www.history-of-listening.com/

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