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Turntable [wiki]: Turntable in New Music


Chamber Music


Peter Ablinger — Weiss / Weisslich 13 (1995), for 7 vinyl records pressed without audio signal

Information and audio are available on the composer’s website.


John Cage — Cartridge Music (1960)

John Cage & Lejaren Hiller — HPSCHD: Program (KNOBS) Output Sheet for the Listener (1971), for HPSCHD record, turntable, and equalizer

John Cage — Imaginary Landscape No. 1 (1939)

John Cage — Imaginary Landscape No. 2 (first version) (1940)

John Cage — Imaginary Landscape No. 2 (March) (1942)

John Cage — Imaginary Landscape No. 3 (1942)


Milan Knízák — Broken Music Composition (1979)
From a series of works since 1963 under the title Destroyed Music, where the artist “created music and sculptures of every kind with distorted, damaged, broken and reconstituted parts from several records.” (Weissenbrunner 2012)


Stefan Prins — Fremdkörper #1 (2008), for amplified piccolo, electric guitar, percussion, cello, 4-channel tape and live electronics

Score and audio available on the composer’s website.

Pierre Schaeffer —  Cinq études de bruits (1948), for tape, realized with turntables


John Zorn — Forbidden Fruit (1987), variations for voice, string quartet and turntables




Bernhard Lang — DW8 (2003 / 28:00), for orchestra and 2 turntablists

Bernhard Lang — Montezuma (2007–09 / 120:00), for orchestra, vocal soloists, choir, turntables and jazz combo, based on lyrics by Christian Loidl

Bernhard Lang — TablesAreTurned (2010 / 60:00), for turntable and amplified ensemble, after a song by Amon Düül 2


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong — trapos / Catwalk en Guantánamo (2004 / 46:00), for upright bass, electric guitar, turntables and amplified orchestra

Jorge Sanchez-Chiong — trapos / Catwalk en Guantánamo_Version 2 (2004–05 / 32:00), for 2 turntable soloists and amplified orchestra


Gabriel Prokofiev — Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra (2011)



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