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Keyboard + Live EA [wiki]: Toy Piano + EA Repertoire


List of Works

  • Lou Bunk (USA) — Being and Becoming (2010) for Toy Piano and Electronics
  • Phyllis Chen (USA) — Carousel (2009), for toy piano, live hand-cranked music box and video
  • Phyllis Chen — Chroma (2008), for toy piano, audio cassette tape web, VHS dress and cocoon, 3 overlapping video projections, shadows, broken cassette player, live video mixer, electronic music / sampler
  • Phyllis Chen — Cobwebbed Carousel (2010), for toy piano, hand-cranked music box and video
  • Phyllis Chen — Down The Rabbit-Hole (2010-11), for toy piano, hacked antique toy piano, live video, live electronics, tea set and found objects (collaboration with Rob Dietz)
  • Phyllis Chen — The Memoirist (2007): The Tale, for toy piano, music box and frying pan; The Memoirist, for toy piano sampling keyboard and video; The Dream, for toy piano, bowls, video and pillow
  • Phyllis Chen — Pearlessence (2008), for toy piano, sampling keyboard, video, bubbles
  • Phyllis Chen — Stardust (2010), for toy piano, electric cello, music box, effects and live video (collaboration with Johannes Moser and Rob Dietz)
  • Karlheinz Essl (AT) — Kalimba (2005), for toy piano and playback http://www.essl.at/works/kalimba.html
  • Karlheinz Essl — Sequitur V (2008), for toy piano and live electronics http://essl.at/works/sequitur.html
  • Karlheinz Essl — whatever shall be (2010), for toy piano, dreidel, chopsticks, music box and live electronics http://essl.at/works/whatever.html
  • Tom Flaherty (USA) — Shepard’s Pi (2010), for toy piano and electronics
  • Derek Hurst (USA) — An Wem: Notes from Underground (2007), for toy piano and electronics
  • Keith Kirchoff (USA) — OverDrive (2010–11), for toy piano, live electronics and fixed media http://www.keithkirchoff.com/composition%20works.html
  • Sven-Ingo Koch (DE) — Alter Ego (2008), minute waltz for toy piano and tape
  • Matt Malsky (USA) — Heterogeneous (2007), for toy piano and live electronics http://www.clarku.edu/faculty/mmalsky/composer/
  • Erik Ross (CA) — cave_music (2009), for two toy pianos and fixed sounds http://www.erikross.com
  • Tristan Perich (USA) — qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq (2009), for three toy pianos and 1-bit electronics http://www.tristanperich.com


Toy Piano Performers (with or without electronics)

Phyllis Chen (USA) http://www.phyllischen.net

Isabel Ettenauer (AT) http://www.isabelettenauer.com

Genevieve Feiwen Lee (USA) http://www.mojavetrio.com/gen.html

Keith Kirchoff (USA) http://www.keithkirchoff.com

Pascal Meyer (NL) http://www.pascalmeyer.com

Rei Nakamura (DE) http://www.myspace.com/chikaraudon

Xenia Pestova (CA/UK) http://www.xeniapestova.com

David Smooke (USA) http://www.davidsmooke.com

Margaret Leng Tan (USA) http://margaretlengtan.com

Bernd Wiesemann (DE) http://www.bernd-wiesemann.de


Also see the featured composer / performer page on the Schoenhut website: http://www.toypiano.com/media_artist_roster.asp


Bibliography and References


Other Resources




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