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eContact! 13.2 — Keyboards + Live EA: The Performer’s Perspective / Claviers et « live electronics » : La perspective de l’interprète [Return…] 

Your contributions to this [wiki] page are most welcome. Please visit this page for more information and guidelines for contributing.


Keyboard + Live EA [wiki]: Index


This Keyboards + Live EA [wiki] has been created as a component of eContact! 13.2 — Keyboards + Live Electronics: The Performer’s Perspective / Claviers + « live electronics » : La perspective de l’interprète (April 2011), with Guest Editor Sebastian Berweck. We hope that the reader/user will also feel welcome to contribute to these pages so that the resource can continue to grow and expand and be of increasing benefit to the community.


The Keyboards + Live EA [wiki] is only one portion of the issue, check out the full table of contents here [upon publication] for articles and other items that are part of eContact! 13.2.


Wiki Pages


  • Bibliography. An annotated list of articles and publications on or related to keyboard and electroacoustics (tape, live electronics, synthesizers, and more).
  • Toy Piano + EA Repertoire.  Works and resources for toy piano in conjunction with electronics of various sorts.
  • Development Pages. Notes by and for contributors as the pages evolve (edits, changes, things to discuss…).


Contributors to the Piano + Live EA [wiki]


jef chippewa (Montréal / Berlin) http://newmusicnotation.com/chippewa

Rei Nakamura (Freiburg, Germany) http://www.myspace.com/chikaraudon

Xenia Pestova (Montréal / UK) http://www.xeniapestova.com

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