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eContact! 11.3 — Logiciels audio « open source » / Open Source for Audio Application (September 2009) [Return to issue…]

Your contributions to this [wiki] page are most welcome. Please visit this page for more information and guidelines for contributing.


Open Source Travel Guide [wiki]: People


Who are the People in your Neighbourhood? Where do Open-sourcians Hang Out?




Electronix (Montréal). Groupe d’entraide en électronique pour les arts technologiques  (en français).


FACIL (Montréal). Association à but non-lucratif dédiée à la promotion de l’informatique libre (en français). 


Pure data Montréal User Group. Bilingual group with regular meetings to present and discuss pd-related topics such as audio, video, programming, art, free information…


Germany / Austria / Switzerland


c-base (Berlin, Germany). In the hub of a spaceship that crashed long ago into what is now Berlin, meetings and events are held on a regular basis to help get the ship back in working order. All that can be seen above ground is the spire from the ship, piercing upwards through Alexanderplatz.


pickledfeet (Berlin, Germany). Food, Noise, Shop, Free Software and workshops.


Servus.at (Linz, Austria). In running its own technical infrastructure, the cultural network-based initiative servus.at offers virtual and physical access opportunities for artists and cultural producers.




Openlab (London). This project provides a meeting place for London-based artists who use and develop open source software as their creative tool.


Online Communities, Forums and Chatrooms


Ardour user forum

Pure data online user forum

SuperCollider user forum

beerNET. IRC network for collectives, festivals, artists and musicians interested in FLOSS.


Festivals, Conferences and Symposiums


Ambisonics Symposium (various locations). The conference on Ambisonics, with a strong scientific emphasis, but also various concerts and papers about the artistic and aesthetic aspects of surround sound. The 2010 conference will take place from May 5 to 7, at IRCAM in Paris.


International Convention for Puredata (various locations). A periodic event since 2004 and is the most important event of the community of developers and enthusiasts of Pd.


LAC — Linux Audio Conference (various locations), since 2003. 2010 will see the LAC move to Utrecht, the Netherlands, June 3-6.


LIWOLI (Linz, Austria), since 2008. Linuxwochen Linz is a hacklab for art and open source.


make art (Poitiers, France + various locations), since 2006. make art is a radical and no-nonsense, yearly international festival dedicated to the integration of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), open practices and free culture in software art.


Piksel (Bergen, Norway), since 2003. Annual workshop-festival event for artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware and art.





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