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eContact! 11.3 — Linux and Open Source for Audio Applications

eContact! 11.3 — Logiciels audio « open source » / Open Source for Audio Application (September 2009) [Return to issue…]


Open Source Travel Guide [wiki]: Index


For eContact! 11.3 — Linux and Open Source for Audio Application (September 2009), this “Travel Guide” for open source (OS) software for audio application has been created for the community by the community, in true Open Source form! These pages are intended for both inexperienced and experienced users of open source software and resources. If you are a newbie, there is a whole range of information to help get you started and introduce you to the world of OS. For the seasoned OS user, the various lists of resources can be very useful.


The Travel Guide is one portion of the issue, check out the full table of contents here (coming soon) for articles and other items that are part of eContact! 11.3.


And of course we hope that the reader/user will also feel welcome to contribute to this Travel Guide so that the resource can continue to grow and expand and be of increasing benefit to the community.


Wiki Pages


  • A Free Software Travel Guide. Editorial and introduction to the Open Source Travel Guide [wiki].
  • So What? I Don’t Hack! A commentary about open source code and why it might matter to you.
  • Getting There. All the essentials to get you set up to start your open source audio experience, including links to software.
  • Cultural Information. Befriending the natives: some background on the philosophy, customs and etiquette of the open source community.
  • People and Community. A list of online communities, forums and key places in various cities where you are likely to encounter Open-sourcians.
  • Language. An introduction to some of the dialect to help you interface with the open source community.
  • Bibliography / Further Suggested Reading. Suggestions for further reading on the cultural, historical and economical issues of the open source community.
  • Development Pages. Notes by and for contributors as the Travel Guide evolves (edits, changes, things to discuss…).


Open Source is more than just “Free Software”.




jef chippewa (Montréal / Berlin) http://newmusicnotation.com/chippewa

Jörn Nettingsmeier (Essen, Germany) http://stackingdwarves.net

Michal Seta (Montréal) http://www.creazone.ca




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