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eContact! 10.2 — Interviews (1) / 12.2 — Interviews (2)

You are invited to contribute to this List of Interviews with Electroacoustic Composers !

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List of Interviews with Electroacoustic Composers


This page provides supplementary information for eContact! issues 10.2 — Interviews (1) (August 2008) and 12.2 — Interviews (2) (March 2010). To complement the interviews published in eContact! this “live” page lists interviews available elsewhere related to electroacoustics / computer music / sound art, which were either published in print or on the internet.



Individual Interviews




Milton Babbit


Bebe Barron

Bebe Barron on NPR http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4486840


David Behrman



John Chowning


Francis Dhomont

  • Steenhuisen, Paul. “Composer to Composer : Paul Steenhuisen interviews Francis Dhomont.” All-Music Guide (ÉU). July 2003.




Ambrose Field

  • Austin, Larry. “Sound Diffusion in Composition and Performance Practice. II: An interview with Ambrose Field.” Computer Music Journal 25/4 (2001), pp. 21–30.


Peter Grenader


Erdem Helvacioglu


Paul Lansky

  • Clark, Paul. “Paul Lansky Interview.” January 1997. http://www.electronicmusic.com/features/interview/paullansky.html Last accessed 24 November 2007.
  • Cody, Joshua. “A Conversation with Paul Lansky.” Composer USA, (Bulletin of the National Association of Composers, USA), Series IV, vol. 1/1 (Summer 1994). Also, (revised) in Computer Music Journal 20/1 (Spring 1996), pp. 19–24.
  • Mansfield, Hap. “Interview with Paul Lansky.” Cake. Summer 1995.
  • Roads, Curtis. “Interview with Paul Lansky.” Computer Music Journal 7/3 (Fall 1983), pp. 16–24. Also in The Music Machine (MIT Press, 1989), ed. Curtis Roads, pp. 35–44.
  • Paul Lansky interviewed by Andrew Brown. 1997–98. (See PDF / Lansky site, Brown article mentions this.)


Alvin Lucier




Mesias Maiguashca

  • Montague, Stephen. “Mesias Maiguashca, interview in Baden-Baden, 25 January 1989.” Contemporary Music Review 6/1 (1991), pp. 197–203. Edited by Peter Nelson & Stephen Montague.


Max Mathews

  • Roads, Curtis. “Interview with Max Mathews.” Computer Music Journal 4/4 (Winter 1980), pp. 15–22.


Gordon Monahan


James A. Moorer


Tristan Murail

  • Smith, Ronald Bruce. “An Interview with Tristan Murail.” Computer Music Journal Vol. 24/1 (Spring 2000), pp. 11–19.


John Oswald

  • Igma, Norman. “Taking Sampling 50 Times Beyond the Accepted: an interview with John Oswald, Part 2.” Musicworks 48.




Steve Reich

  • Steve Reich interviewed by Andrew Brown.


Pierre Schaeffer

  • Hodgkinson, Tim. “Pierre Schaeffer interview.” ReR Quarterly magazine 2/1 (1987).


Barry Schrader


Denis Smalley

  • Austin, Larry. “Sound Diffusion in Composition and Performance: An interview with Denis Smalley.” Computer Music Journal 24/2 (2000), pp. 10–21.


Laurie Spiegel


Morton Subotnick




Alejandro Viñao




Collections of Interviews


Steenhuisen, Paul. Sonic Mosaics. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, January 2009.

Interviews with Martin Arnold, Howard Bashaw, John Beckwith, Pierre Boulez, Christopher Butterfield, Marc Couroux, Barbara Croall, George Crumb, Omar Daniel, Francis Dhomont, Michael Finnissy, Keith Hamel, James Harley, Chris Paul Harman, Peter Hatch, Mauricio Kagel, Udo Kasemets, Gary Kulesha, Helmut Lachenmann, Alexina Louie, Robert Normandeau, John Oswald, Juliet Kiri Palmer, Jean Piché, Yannick Plamondon, John Rea, James Rolfe, R Murray Schafer, Linda Catlin Smith, John Weinzweig, Hildegard Westerkamp, Christian Wolff. Available through DIFFUSION i MéDIA http://www.electrocd.com/en/cat/uap_9780888644749


Various authors. Asymmetry Music Magazine. http://asymmetrymusicmagazine.com/articles/interviews

Interviews with Françoise Barrière (24 May 2008); Michèle Bokanowski (18 January 2007); Christian Clozier (7 August 2008); Francis Dhomont and Robert Normandeau (17 December 2007); Beatriz Ferreyra (15 May 2007); Erik Hoffman (17 August 2007); Jon Christopher Nelson (16 April 2007); Paul Rudy (20 April 2008); Barry Truax (10 February 2009). List as of March 2010.


Jason Gross interviewed the composers for the OHM compilation, the larger interviews do not seem to be available anywhere online, short excerpts on the site. http://www.furious.com/perfect/ohm


Tokafi. 250+ interviews with Classical, experimental, electroacoustic composers and more. http://www.tokafi.com/browse/interviews/page1



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