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eContact! 9.4 — Perte auditive et sujets connexes / Hearing (Loss) and Related Issues

You are invited to contribute to this resource! Once you add or edit any entries, please add your name (and website) to the contributor’s list on the Overview page.
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Hearing (Loss): Index


“The biggest problem is that the best way to carry out true clinical trials is to expose people to noise until they go deaf.”

—“A Noise Annoys”, by A.D. Wallis (Managing Director, Custom Electronis Associates Ltd., Castle Associates Division), in Melody Maker (October 5th, 1974).


For eContact! 11.2 — Linux and Open Source for Audio Application (to be published in spring 2009), these resource pages were created for the community. They are intended to be “living” pages; we welcome your contributions and invite you to help us keep the community informed about these important  issues.


Index of the Hearing (Loss) Wiki Pages


  • Ear Plugs. A list of earplugs available commercially, with descriptions and explanations of the pros and cons of each type.
  • Glossary. List of terminology related to Auditory.
  • Hearing Loss. The various causes, effects (immediate and over time) of hearing loss, as well as preventative measures and recovery procedures, wherever possible.
  • Hearing Tests. Various audiology/Hearing tests one may undergo as well as reasons to get them, side effects and dangers, and where/when/why to get them done.
  • Resources. A list of links related to hearing: education, prevention, equipment, noise regulations, noise pollution and more.
  • Testimonials. Contributors offer their experiences, anecdotes and solutions to various hearing-related issues.
  • Tinnitus. About a disease that afflicts a large number of musicians.


Contributors to Issue 9.4


Kevin Austin

Barry Blesser http://www.blesser.net

jef chippewa

Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Nadene Thériault-Copeland






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