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eContact! 8.4 — Educational Resources

This issue of eContact! was published in September 2006. We will be periodically updating a few pages with new information. If you have any additions, corrections, annotations to add, follow the appropriate WIKI links below. We get notice of your edits, so there is no need to let us know, but please make sure to include your name in the contributors list.


Read eContact! 8.4 Educational Resources here:




jef chippewa and Yves Gigon

CEC Administrative Directors


WIKI Pages

  • Bibliography — an “essential reading list” for electroacoustics and related topics.
  • Electro Techniques — linked to examples in SONUS, this list gives concrete examples of techniques and processes common to electroacoustics.
  • Electro Terms
  • Films with ea sound(track) — List of films (back to the 1920s) employing some form of electroacoustics, sonic art etc.
  • ea Email Lists — email lists where electroacoustics are discussed, promoted, etc.




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