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Invitation to Contribute to the CEC’s WIKI


The CEC invites your contributions to its WIKI. Various projects are listed in the SideBar (panel on the right side of all pages). If you have a suggestion for a page that isn’t there, let us know.


You will need to create a PBworks account if you don’t already have one.


Contributing to the WIKI is quite easy, almost as simple as just writing text. Some basic tips for editing can be found in the PBworks User Manual.


Contribution Guidelines

  1. You need to be signed in to your PBworks account before editing. Then select “cecpublic” from your list.
  2. We receive notification of every edit you make and may contact you if there are questions about your contribution.
  3. Uploaded files which do not relate to any WIKI pages on this site will be deleted without notice.
  4. Contributions which are not clear or are seen to be irrelevant will be deleted without notice if the information cannot easily be resolved by the administrators.
  5. Any pages, comments, content or links which do not seem to belong here will be deleted without notice.


Make sure to include your name and website in the “Contributors” section on the index page of any project you have contributed to.


We look forward to your contributions!


jef chippewa & Yves Gigon

Administrative co-Directors

Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)




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