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You are invited to contribute to this Electroacoustic Communities [wiki] !

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Electroacoustic Communities: ÉuCuE


Électroacoustiques université Concordia university Electroacoustics


Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Concordia University



Three times a year, several days of concerts of electroacoustics. Since 1980.

Keywords: EuCuE concert series; electroacoustic / électroacoustique; live electronics; improvisation


Historical Overview


2006–2007 was the year of Series XXV of the ÉuCuE (Électroacoustiques université Concordia university Electroacoustics) concerts. Started around 1980, these occasional events were formalized in 1981–82 as a concert series by the CECG/GEC (Concordia Electroacoustic Composers’ Group / Groupe électroacoustique de Concordia), the name changing to ÉuCuE in about 1988.


At first the concerts took place in a small room in the Audio-Visual Department, seating about 20, and moved to a larger conference room seating about 35, in the mid-80s.


The concerts were a mixture of tape compositions and live electronic pieces, mostly improvisations. The founding members were Kevin Austin, Daniel Feist, Dave Lindsay, James Tallon and John Wells. Over the next three or four years, the group became a moveable feast of up to 8 or 10 occasional players. Concerts took place indoors in the winter, and outdoors in the summer.


The concerts moved more towards fixed media and through the intense activity a large collection of many Canadian works was built up in the 80s and early 90s. This collection numbers something over 1200–1400+ works.


In 1989, Concordia University opened the (now) Oscar Peterson Concert Hall and the ÉuCuE concerts were held there. For the first five years, the audience sat on the stage and faced speakers placed in the hall — an attempt at an orchestra of loudspeakers. This proved to be a misdirection, and the audience was moved to its natural place in the hall and various surround-sound set-ups were worked on. Sound projection was done on systems of 14–24 loudspeakers with varying degrees of interest and success.


Over the years, about 25–30 individuals have curated concerts, and in the 12–15 concerts per series, over 2000 works have been presented from five continents. Since 1989 Mark Corwin has been technical director and a number of Concordia instructors have taken curatorial responsibility, notably, Kevin Austin, Ian Chuprun, Ned Bouhalassa and Laurie Radford, among others.


Since around 1980, with 12–15 concerts per series, over 2000 works have been presented from five continents. Since 2004, a special series, Harvest Moon, has focused on multi-channel / multi-speaker pieces, with special attention to works composed with the speaker as a point-source.


See Also


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  • Chuprun, Ian. “The History of Concordia University’s Electroacoustic Program and Concert Series: Interview with Kevin Austin.” eContact! 4.4 — ÉuCuE — Électroacoustique université Concordia university Electroacoustics (2002). http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/4_4


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