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You are invited to contribute to this Electroacoustic Communities [wiki] !

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Electroacoustic Communities: Index


Launched in eContact! 10.3 (May 2008), the eContact! “Community Reports” column gives background and information on the activities in various international electroacoustic and related communities. The authors provide historical information, including important dates (founding of studios/universities), notable events and people, as well as present projects and future plans.


Two pages in the CEC’s Wiki have been built to complement the column and to help answer questions that pop up from time to time, such as: “What is going on in ___?” and “Where can I check out some EA in ___?”.


And of course we hope that the reader/user will also feel welcome to contribute to this Travel Guide so that the resource can continue to grow and expand and be of increasing benefit to the community.


Wiki Pages


  • Venues. A list of concert and recital halls, clubs, church basements, cafés where electroacoustic music (in the broad sense of the term) is likely to be heard / seen / felt / experienced on a regular basis / from time to time / once in a blue moon.
  • Events. A list of recurrent and notable one-time concerts, festivals, happenings, goings-on, or other events related to EA, listed by city.



Contributors to the Electroacoustic Communities [wiki]

jef chippewa (Montréal/Berlin) http://newmusicnotation.com/chippewa

Shawn Pinchbeck (Edmonton) http://www.spinchbeck.com




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